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Surgical Sponges

spongeFamily Carwild Corporation is the premier private label manufacturer of specialty Surgical Sponges.

Using USP and pharmaceutical grade rayon, gauze, foam, and cotton sourced in NAFTA countries, we produce the highest quality products with the minimum of concerns for our clients. Our products range from endoscopic sponges on 16” sticks to ¼” dissectors and eyespears.

We produce:

  • Dissecting sponges
  • Endoscopic sponge sticks
  • Eye spears and drains
  • Neurological sponges
  • Packing sponges and dressings
  • Surgical sponge balls
  • Tonsil sponges
  • X-ray detectable flat sponges

We will manufacture and package sponges to your specifications and provide them in sterile packaged formats or in bulk. Materials used range from cotton, rayon and polyesters, to gauzes and non-wovens, to PVA and polyurethane foams, as well as pultrusions.

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