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PVAc Polyvinyl Acetal Alcohol Foam

Our IVALON® brand products use a unique hydroxylated polyvinyl acetal alcohol (PVAc) sponge developed by the pioneer of modern PVAc products. These products have been used in medical applications for over forty years. Our PVAc foams provide a unique combination of exceptional liquid absorption and wicking characteristics coupled with high tensile strength.

  • Soft, highly absorbent, and fast wicking
  • Lint and fiber-free
  • Extremely strong, will not tear or shred during use
  • Smooth, rounded edges ease insertion
  • Atraumatic removal
  • Compressed for easy insertion
  • Easily trimmed with scissors to achieve custom shape or size

Carwild Corporation will work with you to develop your unique products using our PVAc foam.




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