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Pultrusions_EndoSticks Carwild Corporation pultruded endoscopic rods are affordably priced for disposability, yet offer comparable stiffness and reduced weight over surgical steel and aluminum. These fiberglass-reinforced pultrusions have been produced with a custom-formulated, proprietary resin. The resultant product is a non-conductive, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant endoscopic rod. The non-reflective surface gives an optical advantage when used under magnified light and/or with lasers.


pultrus1The Carwild endoscopic dissectors have been successfully tested per ISO 10993-1 for a surface device that contacts breached or compromised surfaces for a limited duration [<24hrs]. The Endoscopic dissector is FDA registered and has achieved CE MARK brands.. The rod can be machined to any configuration while maintaining its high flexural strength, biocompatibility, electrical insulation, and corrosion resistance. The pultrusion process can be adapted to produce a wide variety of shapes and meet stringent requirements.

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